Here is a page with, like so many of us, no solid purpose in life. As the webpage as whole is in the process of a bit of a reorganisation and realignment (a.k.a. Stalinistic Purge) this page is a bit of a buffer (not as in 'silly old buffer' but the other kind). 


We went for a drive to Bury St Edmunds the other day, and somehow ended up in Newmarket.  Anyone with a grasp of the local geography will know how ridiculous that was!  On the bright side, a fortuitous gap in the hedge beside a road gave a view of the famous Newmarket racecourse.

Zoomed-in view of the grandstand.  Hopefully I'll get to attend a race meeting here in the near future, although the next couple happen to be midweek fixtures and therefore a bit inconvenient.  But soon it shall happen!  :)

Bit of the road from RAF Lakenheath heading south.  Note the pretty "tree tunnel" which you can look at after you've been here long enough to stop ALWAYS staring at the oncoming traffic in abject terror.  This bit isn't too bad since the middle-line is spread to give a bit more space between traffic streams.

No such luck here!  Note the charming onrushing truck, with both our vehicle and the truck doing 60mph.  It looks close enough from this angle (passenger side) so imagine it being just a little bit MORE terrifying for the driver - who, don't forget Amerikanskis, is on the RIGHT hand side of the car.  Please also note the complete lack of a road shoulder.

Another one for the Americans, a roundabout.  In this case a rather large example, the locally famous "Five Ways" at Mildenhall.  Five men enter, one man leaves.......that is if you learn to give way properly.

If you squint a bit you might just be able to make out that this sign is for Barton Mills.  It's on the A11, just past the roundabout pictured above.  If you squint further you can see the onrushing traffic on the A11 so there is quite often a long delay here before being able to nip across those lanes and into Barton Mills.  Note also the BMW.  Everyone and their mother-in-law has a BMW here, it's quite astonishing for those of us conditioned to think of them as 'luxury cars'.


It's January 2005 now, so that means we have completed another 'festive season'.  Not that we do much that is festive, other than vast quantities of, on to something festive - turkey and pumpkin pie  ;)

The finished product - complete with red wine and bacon stuffing.  And although it was delicious (if I do say so myself *cough*) it did of course result in the subsequent 3 days being full of turkey sandwiches, plus at least one 'turkey alfredo pasta' main event. That stuffing isn't burned, by the way, but purple due to the amount of red wine in it  :)

Pumpkin pie, although far from the best........the electric oven cooks unevenly, so the pie suffered a bit.  However once enough of the bordeaux (on the right) was consumed, nobody noticed.  At least I've proved it's possible for a foreign type to make a pumpkin pie! (And not from the tinned mix either!!)

And there's a nice picture of some autumn sky.  Um, not much else I can say about that!  It was definitely more impressive than the pie.  And probably the turkey too.  Bonus point for anyone who wants to name the type of cloud that is.  Double bonus points if you can tell me the adiabatic lapse rate of a stuffed and roasted turkey!


That's it for this  ;)