Day 1
Boise - Idaho Falls

Miles Driven: 304.5

Total:  304.5

Miles/Gallon:  30.143

Gas Price:        2.03


First, meet Colin.  Colin the Kiwi (he has rather thick and chunky legs).  You'll notice Colin is wearing a red t-shirt.  This is because certain people (you know who you are!) pointed out the cherished history of red shirts in the photography of National Geographic magazine.  Apparently, when Kodachrome film first came out, the red tones were spectacular - especially to those used to predominantly black and white pictures.. Because of this, National Geographic reporters, wherever possible, tried to get red into their pictures. This included the common "trick" of making anyone who was going to appear in the pictures wear a red shirt.   And who are we to argue with tradition!?!?  (I must say, however, finding a red shirt of a suitable size for a smallish stuffed Kiwi was rather difficult. For the main part, this was due to the fact that Kiwis don't have shoulders or arms.  Just think about how that messes up the fit of a shirt!)  :)

As you can tell from Jason's fancy-schmancy webwork, apparently we're going to be doing daily progress reports. Or rather, Jason is, with the help of Colin.  And I'm throwing in a bit of text now and again, since Jason and Colin don't think actually SAYING stuff is necessary.  So I suppose you could say it will be a group effort! So, onwards to day one:

Day One

Well, we're on the way.  Although it was a near-run thing. The checkout time at the Holiday Inn Express in Boise was midday, and we needed every second of the  morning to get organised and get the car packed!  Our late start was mainly due to having to get to a post office (didn't open until 10am) so we could mail ourselves all the "overflow" we had that wouldn't fit in the car...... not anything lazy like sleeping in  :)  For once.  Although we did enjoy eating the free continental breakfast next to a table of elderly "Noo Yawkers" (or New Yorkers for those of you who can't understand my simulated accent!) (As opposed to my normal one).  One lady in particular had stepped straight out of the Be Your Own Caricature manual, and was very entertaining.  Especially when relating the graphic medical details of her sister's failing kidneys.  

Anyhow, there is very little to say for today's report.  Due to our late start, a stop for lunch in Twin Falls, and the rather unprepossessing scenery, we didn't exactly MAKE a lot of progress - at least, not the kind that make for a good photo essay.  So instead all you get are some gratuitous photos of Colin relaxing at the hotel!  Yet another Holiday Inn Express, you'll note.......this is not a coincidence, as I get "Priority Club" points for staying at Holiday Inn hotels.  If I get 150,000 points I can get a giant flat screen TV!  Or, as is more likely, if I ever scrape together 15,000 I can get a box of golf balls.  Fore.  (I WAS going to say "actually 12, not 4", but that would be a pathetic golf pun not worth the bandwidth.  So it's lucky I aborted that run. Hm.)

The hotel is rather nice, however! Colin appears to be enjoying it.  The only downside is the view (you'll see Colin gazing at said view in one of these pictures).  However even a view of a concrete water drainage cavity here on the second floor is not all bad,  as we can all pretend we're on an exciting trip to Moscow during the Stalinist years.  Da.  (Don't tell Jason I said that, or he'll go all geeky and look up the Cyrillic keyboard codes and type that in correctly!) 

да! (heh heh)


Note Colin also 'enjoyed' the gym room, as did I.  Yes, I even spent 40min riding the recumbent bicycle, which will astonish those of you who know how fat and lazy I am!  It helps when the thing is propped in front of the telly, however, so I was able to watch the news.  Speaking of the news, that was almost entirely about the death of Ronald Reagan, which occurred today.  Apparently all flags in the US will be at half-mast for a month, which seems an awfully long time.  They were quick off the mark here in Idaho Falls - there is a HUGE (Jason says 15ft) flag flying a block down from the hotel, and they had already dropped it within minutes of the news going out.  Americans, bear with me if I sometimes am saying the 'obvious' (e.g. the flag at half-mast for a month) to you, as there are more than a few 'foreign types' reading this.  At least there probably were at the start, but they've dropped out by now due to my lack of stimulating prose. 


So I suppose that's it.  I'll hand the 'puter back over to Jason and Colin, and they can do what they will.

Farewell from Idaho Falls, Idaho  :)