Day 6
Jamestown - Bemidji

Miles Driven:   260.0

Total:   1960.5

Miles/Gallon:  29.227

Gas Price:      1.79

Once again we packed our stuff up and left another hotel room.  We didn't get far, however, as only a mile from the Holiday Inn Express Jamestown (yup, more points!) was the National Buffalo museum, home to the World's Biggest Buffalo.

The museum was very interesting, although it still seems to be in the process of collecting exhibits.  They had a lot of "non-buffalo" stuff, as well as huge quantities of art and rifles.  Not so much buffalo/bison stuff as tangential stuff  ;) All of it interesting, though. Here's their website:

The museum also has a small herd, nine of whom were in the paddocks to the rear of the museum.  Forgive the fuzzy quality of the pictures, but that's what a zoom lens does!  They were selling meat from a freezer, but it was rather pricey - $5 a pound for hamburger (mince) I believe.  Not sure if the meat comes from failed herd members or what.  A bison not headed for a future on a BBQ is 'White Cloud', a rare albino buffalo.  She was donated to the herd because of the scarcity of albino buffaloes, and the fact that they are sacred to Native Americans.  For some legends involving the white buffalo, try this page:

Then on to the World's Largest Buffalo.  The picture says more than I can  ;)  (Spot Colin)


After Jamestown we had a straight shot through on the interstate to Fargo, again trying to stay ahead of the bad weather.  Successfully.  After Fargo, we struck off the interstate again to drive to Bemidji, Minnesota via some semi-rural roads.  This was very nice, as the country is beautiful - rolling hills, woods, meadows, and everything so green and lush after Idaho!!  The reason for this excursion was to visit Lake Itasca, the headwaters of the Mississippii.  Hopefully you can pick out Colin in a few of the Itasca pictures  ;)  The visit was somewhat ruined by the vanloads of screaming children running around, dropping their shoes in the river, etc etc.  There ought to be a law letting you smack parents who stand there benignly whilst their kids run riot.  And no, I don't want to receive email from my parents (who I assume are reading this!) saying I was a beastly child, because I simply don't believe it.  So there  ;)  Anyhow, here's more on Lake Itasca:


After more picturesque countryside we fronted up at the Holiday Inn Express (huzzah!) in Bemidji (which sounds rather Aboriginal if you ask me) which happily has high speed internet (huzzah again).  So here we are, our 7th state on the journey if you include starting in Idaho.  Only two more to go  :)  Internet access might be a tad iffy for the next couple of days, but we shall return.........muahahahahahaha and all that Evil Laugh business.