Day 8
Odanah - Kenton

Miles Driven:   95.0

Total:   2281.9

Miles/Gallon:  No Gas

Gas Price:      No Gas


Colin's final day of the big road trip.

It was a short drive from the Bad River Reservation to Kenton, and all of it through green fields and thick forests.   There's not a whole lot to say about the trip this day, as it was only a quick trip.  Colin enjoyed listening to Metallica on this drive, however.  Colin does love a good bass riff.

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Once at Kenton, we spent four days up there just relaxing after the long drive.  We had some rather nasty weather, however..... including some clouds that looked very dodgy indeed.  At one point I considered sitting in the basement for the duration of the stay, as I was convinced tornadoes would swoop down upon us and carry everything (including poor Colin) away.

On the second day the weather cleared a bit, and Colin was able to take in some sun and the lovely view down the field to the lower ground.  The view included an apple tree outside the house, an apple tree that is slung with bird feeders.  One of these is equipped with sugar water for hummingbirds.  Now it turns out I was completely wrong about hummingbirds.  Thanks to publications like National Geographic, I thought hummingbirds were these beautiful, delicate creatures that hovered cleverly to feed at flowers.  I suppose that's true.  But they have always failed to mention the little buggers are sadistic!  One zooms, humming (well it's more like a loud buzzing) up to the feeder.  Then suddenly another appears, diving out of the sun like a really small and feathery von Richthofen, dive-bombing the first hummingbird, which then flees into the distance.  And those little creatures can REALLY fly.  Amazingly fast, and talk about a small turning radius.......I think they turn right angles in the air.  But they are bloody they leave the tree, they insist on rocketing along just centimetres over your head. Feisty little buggers!  Like most pilots, they may have aerial skills, but they have really horrible personalities  ;)

Another thing to do in the good weather is cut the grass.  And when you have a whole LOT of grass, a ride-on lawnmower comes in handy!  Colin rather enjoyed zooming around on that thing.



There are, however, pests around.  In this case gophers......I believe "13 striped gophers" to be exact.  Between Jason and Colin, they accounted for four of the vegetable-garden-eating-menace.  Rodent carnage.   And on that warm and fuzzy note, that's it for now.  Colin's exciting road trip is over, but his lifetime adventure continues.  The updates will be more sporadic, and definitely not daily, from now on.  We will be in Wisconsin until the 25th June, at which time we fly out to England.  We'll post up anything we think worth relating.........whether or not it's worth reading is up to all of you  ;)

Farewell!  :)